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Introducing the "personal branding wheel" process as described in Forbes -
Here is my 5-Step Value-Based Methodology for Board Candidates


Work with me to reposition your decades of experiences into a board-friendly value proposition and board portfolio.


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What is Personal Branding?

First of all, you already have a Personal Brand

Like it or not, you already have a brand that is based on how people perceive you. It can also be a reputation that you have amongst those that know you.

Personal Branding is a verb

Personal branding is an intentional way of managing the perceptions people have about you. Personal Brand is a noun which refers to what the perception currently is.

Here are some myths about Personal Branding:

  • You can develop a brand overnight by going viral
  • Your reputation should speak for itself
  • Being authentic means speaking and communicating exactly as you are
  • Your brand should appeal to everyone
  • Branding is for extroverts only

Let's debunk and co-create through the "Personal Branding Wheel":

  • ALIGN: Think of your intrinsic motivations - what are your core values?
  • AMBITION: Define your aspirational board brand: what it is and what it isn't.
  • APPROACH: Target your positioning by thinking about how you will land the plane.
  • ACTIVATE + AMPLIFY: Once you know your positioning and brand values, activate your messaging and start your campaign.
  • ALIGN w Community: Find your community and identify those boards that can best align with your unique contributions.

How do I sign up?

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Why work with me?
In serving on two boards (American Money Management and Eagle Genomics), I have learned first-hand what it takes to be in the boardroom. More importantly, having co-chaired Women in Bio's
Boardroom Ready program, I have seen hundreds of women successfully land their first board seat.

As your coach, I look forward to helping you assess your own personal brand as a board candidate, activate your existing network to build awareness, and lastly increase your visibility by engaging with the alumni and advisors that I already work with.

Why use a coach?
As most board journeys are unique and vastly different than getting a job, I can help guide the way by using my own experience and leverage a broad network of advisors and alumnae who have done this before.

Could I learn the same thing at other board-readiness program at universities/non-profits?
You can learn a great deal from those programs on the mechanics of board governance. However, with me, you will learn from the collective wisdom of women who have already attained their board positions, as well as leverage the network of advisors and advocates who are passionate about achieving gender equity at the boardroom level.

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