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the average ramping up time of 6-7 months can be reduced by half.

Here are the three key steps to develop your transition strategy:

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  • Set the direction
  • Deliver results
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Coach Kelly's Bio


Kelly is a senior executive coach, facilitator and expert in leadership transitions. She has over 20 years of teaching, marketing executive, and management consulting experience, with an inclusive coaching style that has led to career transformation insights for leaders. Kelly's coaching clients have benefited from her EQ based approach to build trust with their team and stakeholders. She has also worked with executives and founders to develop their executive presence and improve decision-making.

In her current role at Genesis Advisers, she works with Fortune 500 clients to speed up and support transitions at all levels. Genesis Advisers is a global leadership development consultancy specializing in solutions that support leaders, teams, and organizations in transition, founded based on the industry-leading research of @Michael Watkins (best-selling author of The First 90 Days).

Kelly started her career in sales and marketing at IBM and then moved to business development at Monsanto. At both organizations, Kelly created strategic partnerships with customer and partners to contribute to the bottom-line. Kelly has also leveraged the management insights and thought leadership developed at Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) to roll out online leadership training programs for first time and mid-level managers.


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