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Work With Me to Discover Your X-FACTORS:

How many times have you heard CEOs and leaders at the pinnacle of their careers say that hard work was critical to their success? No doubt hard work is a key ingredient to success, but what else is needed?

As your coach, I look forward to examining the growth mindset you will need to continue your career progression. Having trained as a corporate learning facilitator at Harvard and as an onboarding coach (learn more about me on LinkedIn or check out my Forbes profiles), I have seen many leaders succeed and falter. While there is no one way to make your ascent, there are preparations and diagnostics/assessments along with personal development that can help you acclimate. By working as your coach, we can identify those "X-factors" that will help you showcase your strengths as well as build your visibility and credibility on the way up.

Success = Hardwork + X-factors
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