Hi, I'm Coach Kelly


I have seen many leaders succeed and fail. While there is no one way to make your ascent to career success, there are preparations and diagnostics/assessments along with personal development that can help you acclimate. By working as your coach, we can identify those "X-factors" that will help you showcase your strengths as well as build your visibility and credibility on the way up.

To further guide you along your career transformation, here are three areas for you to consider:

1. Manage yourself

2. Manage your network

3. Manage your team and build on your leadership

I started Kaizen Research and Training in 2009 to help create a continuous improvement training ground for my marketing students and mentorees, and I look forward to working with you to reach your pinnacle.

"Kelly came into my career at the perfect time as I transitioned into an administrative leadership role within atrium health. She helped me better evaluate and refine the skillset needed to successfully evolve in my leadership journey."

Camille - Atrium Health

"She has helped me think about my personal and professional goals, offered advice relating to networking and professional development, as well as opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me after the completion of my degree."

Francesca - PhD Candidate Harvard Medical School

"She is well connected, and well established in her profession, so almost anyone in the field of marketing, management and business development could benefit from Kelly's coaching style."

Manasi - Qualcomm

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